Friday, September 10, 2010


Jakkamma, also known as Thottichi Amman or Veera Jakka Devi, is popular deity in South India.[1]

Jakamma was originally worshipped in what is now the Bellary district. The practice of worshipping her was brought to Tamil Nadu by a king's family, which migrated to Tamil Nadu.

Jakamma is known for her sharp intellectual force. She is believed to be the direct manifestation of Shiva himself without Shakti, unlike other godesses who are the direct embodiment of the Adi Shakti.

It is believed that the great Siddhars like Bhogar and Pulipani worshipped Jakamma as their family deity. Bhogar is said to have taught Pulipani about the art of worshipping Thottichi Amman. Pulipani continued the worship along with the worship of Murugan at a temple in Palani.

Jakkamma is the traditional family deity of the Nayakkers, especially of the Kambalattars (Kambli Nayaks).[2] Tamil Nadu has many temples of Thottichi Amman, and one such shrine is found in the Pulipani Ashram at the foot of Palani hills. Another important temple of Thottichi Amman can be seen in Ottapidaram in the Thoothukudi district of Tamil Nadu.[3] The deity is seen in the fort once ruled by the warrior Veerapandiya Kattabomman, during whose times, she was popularly worshipped as Veera Jakkadevi.


  1. jakkamma was family deity(Kula Thievam) of the great veerapandia kottabomman and it is still beleived that kottabaman died only after he removed the sacred thayatthu of jakkamma not because of englishmen who hanged him.
    it is still believed that jakkamma him warned not to go out of his fortress in his dreams but kattaboman neglected it and faced his end only because of that

  2. How do you pray to this amman.