Saturday, September 18, 2010

Masi Periasamy

Masi Periasamy, also known as Kollimalai Masi Periasamy is a very powerful deity and kuladeivam for millions of Hindu people. He is a great deity and sage who is living in Kollimalai, near Namakkal, Tamil Nadu. It said he appear there for more than 1000 years ago. When Masi Periasamy was travelling all over the world, he passed by Kollimalai by taking huge gigantic physical body (Mahima Sitthi). He jumped over 6 hills but all became weak and instable. Lastly, he jumped onto the Kollimalai, and found that the hill really strong for Him to reside. In old time, it said, He appeared with one tooth, one sadai (twisted long hair) and one Vel ( sharp weapon).

In the ancient time, He is only known as Muni, however, He was named Periasamy ( Big God) as He appeared with Gigantic Body, and Masi Month is the celebration month for Him. Usually the celebration is celebrated on star Uthiram, star of Sun (the symbol of Leader). Masi Periasamy is the very powerful compared to small deity as He is a Divine Sage (Muni). He is usually prayed by Muthuraja (Muthirayar) people as Kuladeivam. He is considered as the Most Powerful Kuladeivam among Tamilnadu Deities.

The form of Masi Periasamy in the temple is really tremendous as He is holding a vel at right hand side, with big moustache and talapa and sit on lion (the King of Jungle - also symbol of Muthuraja people). The form itself shows He is a Bravest Sage.

A person who is really sincere to Him would get all the blessings, happiness, luck, health, wealth and spiritual improvement. Nowadays, people from various country like Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, America, Mauritius, Hong Kong with various family background, caste and religion come to His Temple which is at peak of the Kollimalai (1250 metres above the sea). When anyone climb the hill to see Him, would praise Him really Periasamy as none of any kuladeivam resides at this top. Around Namakkal and Trichy area, we also could see many Kodangi (fortune teller with udukai - small hand drum) say Divine Vakku ( Divine Prediction) with the blessing of Masi Periasamy.

Every year, annual celebration would be done grandly. This year, the Annual Celebration (Thiruvizha) will be on 1 March 2010. This thiruvizha would be done very happeningly by 8 villages. Goat offering would be given in the thiruvizha. This is the right time to see very happening thiruvizha at the peak of Kollimalai (Kolli Hill).


  1. Can i have is photo.....i really need it......I already find in web site until now i havent get it.......

  2. can i have the load maasi periannasamy photo .....

  3. Nobody has ever seen maasi periyannasamy's human form and all the idols we now see are made by us a representation of him.
    He takes many human forms mostly with a huge moustache and turban with earrings in his ear and tell us what to do in our dreams.